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comics currently available - Jeremy Dennis is working on it
June 17th, 2008
02:11 pm


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comics currently available
owl is angry
Owl is Angry! - £1.50 (some left)
Minicomic, A6 16pp with hand-stitched, sequinned red tracing paper slip cover.

no! it's tiny tea comics!
Tiny Tea Comic - £1.50 (some left)
Teabag-sized comic, 16pp, tagged and individually wrapped. Ink is water soluble.

scattered leaves
Scattered Leaves - £2.50 (only a few left)
Anthology of shorter comics from The weekly strip, A5 24pp with hand-stitched sequinned two-layer full colour cover and full colour centre spread.

a primer in basic goose
A primer in Basic Goose - £1.50 (some left)
Minicomic, A6 16pp, full colour.

whores of mensa 3
Whores of Mensa - £3.00 (only a few left)
Longer stories from myself, Mardou and Ellen Lindner.
A4 32pp B&W with full colour cover.

the minicomic box
Minicomics, various - 50p/free with order/swap (some left)
Minicomics, A6 16pp, various titles.

Postage within the UK is included*, please add a note to your order saying which comic you want.

Swaps, other titles, postal orders etc., please direct to jrd @ jeremydennis.co.uk

*Add in an extra quid or something if you want a comic sent further afield.

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Date:June 20th, 2008 01:03 pm (UTC)
Duh...I had some difficulty with PayPal there. The one I'm trying to order is OWL IS ANGRY, pleeze
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